Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is Bigger Better?

Well after a good look at a photo a parent tool of me during a fremont basketball game, I am pretty sure that it is not. There I was with my flabby arms, my triple chin, looking soft. It was a sad thing. I think goals need to be written down and shared. so, I'll tell you when I get to 10 lbs. Thanks all that is my rant for the day.

Hey...I'm working on my Master's!!! Don't bug me.

Hey everyone. I'm alive really. I was just working on a project for my masters that involves RSS feeds. As I looked at all the cool things it could do, including help people keep track of my blog, I thunk to meself, crap no posts in 8 months!!!!

so here it is. I will look into updating more often, really. specially for Desertbound and mountain ranch, because they have a new gadget on their blog that works as a RSS feed. It lets them know who is updating their blogs.

If anyone is currently using skype my user name is rostoffers. I''m on most nights working on projects.