Thursday, June 28, 2007

Missin my hunny

It is a fine boys road trip to Zion. Only prob....I miss my hunny. I'll be dropping into a secret slot canyon tomorrow with canyonsrcool, wildman, and wwwebb. I of course am bringing my camera, so I'll try to up-date this, Saturday, before heading off to the baby blessing in Orem. We miss having cop-orado with us, but we know he is doing some rafting and a fourteener this weekend. Night to everybody, and hugs out to my hunny and the brood. lol
The Rock

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scary Stick

Okay...three days, three short vids.
I'll never keep this pace up, but it sure is fun.
This is another clip from our buckskin gulch trip, hope u can tell we had fun.
This has My honey in it Rita Fae or desertbound.
Also in an important role is Rita B or Wanderful and her hubby.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Wire pass

When we hiked through buckskin gulch, we started at wire pass. Wire pass has some fun little narrows. This video might make u a little sick as I walk through the narrows, but it shows the type of canyon we are in, right from the beginning.

Thnaks again to J and T for the awesome hike

The Start of the Shop

Hey fellow bloggets, Yes it is I. come to blogtown to get in on this bloggin thing u do. Thought I would start with a video clip.

This is an exerpt from our buckskin gulch trip. "Kaboodle"is demonstrating the toilet bag'

I have a couple extra HWR's if anyone needs one ; )